Friday, August 12, 2011


THIS IS THE MAIN REASON OF A WOMAN BE A lesbian Kind of relationship both men and women there must be the cause. Kind of relationship she is more known as a lesbian due to several factors. Include the following: 

Most women usually get same-sex sexual experiences one or two times in their lives.But they do not consider themselves lesbians, just curious, "said Suzi Godson, sex and relationship experts at The Times and author of The Sex Book. There are some things that underlie why women want to experiment with other women:

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1. For a taste of something different
It is likely difficult to explain because it is often not perceived sexual attraction. When looking at other women are beautiful, smart, and fragrant, like what it feels close to him? Why are men so obsessed with female breasts? What he felt when touching a sensitive spot with the woman? If women can admire the beauty of another woman's body, would not that mean's easier to give and feel his touch? HTC Imagio XV6975 Unlocked Phone with Windows Mobile 6.5, Touchscreen, GPS, Wi-Fi and 5 MP Camera - Unlocked Phone - US Warranty - Black

2. Connect emotionally and verbally
Of course you know that men often difficult to understand women. Therefore, experiment with other women often depart from the women's ability to understand each other their verbal language. Women can talk openly and honestly. Is not this is actually the key to good sex?

3. Treating pain
When the new split with their partners, women would still feel horny moments. Besides being no partner (men), women may also not want to get involved with men. So he will try to do it with other women, whether old friends or new friends are known. However, in sex there is also an element of warmth obtained so that the woman was accompanied by someone who is on his side.
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4. Softer
Women have a softer lips and kissed it gently, too. This is what distinguishes the men.When feeling anxious, men tend to smell too "excited". They also always involves too much saliva when kissing.

5. Women are smarter oral sex
Men often do not know which part of the fun to be touched, especially in the vaginal area. Women, on the other hand, certainly knows this and knows how to please women more time to experiment with oral sex. Besides, there are no new mustache shaved so it feels rough to the touch area.
6. Not dirty LG Fathom VS750 Unlocked GSM Worldphone with 3.2-Inch Touchscreen, Slideout QWERTY, 3.2MP Camera - Unlocked Phone - US Warranty - Dark Blue/Gray
Women love to do it in a clean, replaced with new sheets. When he wants to dispose of the wind, she would be out of the room or at least step aside. Men on the contrary, tend to pass gas at random and found it funnySamsung i910 Omnia Unlocked Phone for Verizon with 8 GB Memory, 5 MP Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, Windows Mobile 6.1, and MicroSD Slot

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