Friday, August 12, 2011


Although the nuances hoaxnya very thick, I try to share the news of a Pakistani woman who was said to contain a snake. Here's the story quoted from Once you read, please rate hoax or not. 

At midlife, Rasheedan Bibi, was no longer possible to be able to bear children.Feeling the belly like a pregnant woman, she certainly thought she was a baby.
Hose seven months later, his stomach getting bigger. But, he increasingly felt increasingly ill with stomach bulge. Feeling of awkwardness in her pregnancy, Bibi was worried.
When you do image searches with key Rasheedan Aunt just found this picture
Residents Chora Saggar, Pakistan, has finally decided to check its contents to the nearest hospital - even though he lives day-to-day poverty ridden. Doctors who deal with then decided to perform an ultrasound scan.
And ... Good heavens!
Not magic is not magic, the sonogram shows that during the seven months he was raising a snake in his stomach.
Allegedly, this bizarre incident stems from the water she drinks. At that time, Aunt drinking water through a jug at his home. He suspected, there was a seed of the serpent in the water and then slipped into his stomach as he drank water.
Strangeness has been felt two months ago. Auntie began to feel the pain in his stomach began to swell. Appetite also jumped. He was even able to spend 14 loaves of bread a day.
To remove the snake from his body, the doctor asked him to dissect. Poor had no money, Aunt also asked for help Prime Minister of Pakistan, Punjab CM.
Fortunately, the government of Pakistan granted the request and who is now a large snake that was successfully removed from the stomach of the poor woman.

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