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Fitness Female Models Vs. Runway Supermodels

Wow! This post has become way more popular than I originally anticipatedThousands of people have read this post and I have received a bunch of e-mails with a few questions.

adriana lima victorias secret 222x300 Fitness Female Models Vs. Runway Supermodels
Look Like A Victoria's Secret Model This Summer
ChickenTuna evenresponded to me with a bit of information (read below). The main question I got asked was how women can achieve a Victoria Secret model body? Instead of writing a whole new section on that I’m going to recommend you check out Rusty Moore’s new course “Visual Impact For Women“. That’s exactly what he’s done, he’s put together a step-by-step plan for women to get a slim, sexy and fit body without being too muscular. If you want to look like a Victoria Secret model this summer, then this is for you – - > Click Here.
Original Article Continued Below…
fitness female models vs. runway models. Who is the real ‘supermodel’?
This post has some fun pictures and a little bit of humor, but the issue I am addressing is very real.When you are done reading please comment and share. Hopefully we can help change somebody’s life. On to the post…
Today I was doing some research and found some astonishing eating disorder statistics, check it out:
  • It is estimated that 8 million Americans have an eating disorder – seven million women and one million men
  • One in 200 American women suffers from anorexia
  • Two to three in 100 American women suffers from bulimia
  • Nearly half of all Americans personally know someone with an eating disorder
  • Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness
  • A study by the National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders reported that 5 – 10% of anorexics die within 10 years after contracting the disease; 18-20% of anorexics will be dead after 20 years and only 30 – 40% ever fully recover
  • The mortality rate associated with anorexia is 12 times higher than the death rate of ALL causes of death for females 15 – 24 years old.
  • 20% of people suffering from anorexia will prematurely die from complications related to their eating disorder, including suicide and heart problemsCertified Platinum, Round, Diamond 4-Prong Stud Earrings (1 cttw, G-H Color, VS2 Clarity)
Now you’re probably thinking to yourself “Why the hell was Anthony researching eating disorder statistics?“. Don’t worry, I don’t have an eating disorder. Eating is what I do best! I decided to do some research because every once in a while I will see these reality shows where young girls do whatever it takes to become super models. I decided to watch a little bit of the show and noticed that not 1 of the girls on this show was even the slightest bit attractive (to me, at least). They were too damn skinny and sickly looking. However, in the eyes of the audience, the photographers and the judges on the show, the more unhealthy they looked the more “beautiful” they were. Bullshit! I don’t know if these ‘judges’ are seeing something different than me, but let’s do a side-by-side comparison. On the left you are going to see some of these professional runway super models. On the right you will see fitness female models who wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell on one of these shows. Who do you think looks better?Platinum 4-Prong Natural Diamond Stud Earrings (F-G, VS2, 1.50 cttw)-Certificate of Authenticity
Runway Super Modelgrosse supermodel3 Fitness Female Models Vs. Runway SupermodelsFemale Fitness Modeljamie eason 1 Fitness Female Models Vs. Runway Supermodels
On the left is some runway supermodel. On the right is’s Jamie Eason. I would bet my last dollar that 10/10 of my guy friends think Jamie Eason is way hotter! To be fair, the girl on the left has a very pretty face and I’m sure she would be gorgeous if she followed a healthy diet, but in this picture she actually looks sick. If you’ve watched any documentaries on what it takes to become a super model you may have heard how far some girls go in order to become runway models. A lot of these girls resort to drugs, starvation and self-induced vomiting.  To any female out there who is considering starvation, drugs or vomiting to lose weight, I assure you that the girl on the right did not get that body by starving herself or forcing herself to puke. In fact, she eats more than the average girl and kicks ass in the gym. The key to her eating is that she eats the right foods and at the right times.Let’s move on and check out a couple more photos.

This Is What They Consider Sexygosse supermodel2 300x210 Fitness Female Models Vs. Runway SupermodelsThis Is What I Consider Sexy
chicken tuna 300x207 Fitness Female Models Vs. Runway Supermodels
Again, we have a runway model on the left. On the right is’s ChickenTuna. Ladies, abs are just as sexy (actually, sexier) on a female as they are a male. Guess what? ChickenTuna didn’t get her abs by starving herself! Want to know something even crazier? She’s 43, yet her body looks younger, healthier and a heck of a lot sexier than the model on the left. How old do you think the girl on the left is? If I had to guess I would say somewhere in her early twenties. If she continues living an unhealthy lifestyle, what do you think she will look like when she’s ChickenTuna’s age?… Honestly, if someone is living there day to day life starving themselves, vomiting and taking drugs do you think she would even live to see 30 or 40? I wouldn’t count on itHere’s a couple more pictures just to get my point across:Platinum 4-Prong Natural Diamond Stud Earrings (F-G, VS2, 1.50 cttw)-Certificate of Authenticity
grosse supermodel1 300x239 Fitness Female Models Vs. Runway Supermodelschickentuna3 255x300 Fitness Female Models Vs. Runway Supermodels
I have a big surprise for you guys! Chickentuna responded to my article with a little advice for everyone… check it out below (Warning: She gets right to the point, no beatin’ around the bush with her, my kind of girl haha.)Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set 2 Carat (ctw) in 14K White Gold
I have the exact same advice for anyone who wants to be fit at any age and any point in life and that includes all my ‘tips’… there is just ONE THING: All anyone can do to be fit is eat right and exercise consistently.. just a matter of actually doing it.  I just hit my 20 anniversary of eating right and exercising consistently without on again/ off again bullshit… and no over analyzing or over complicating.
So anyone who would like to be fit and stay fit needs to eat right and exercise for life.. not just a few weeks.  Don’t eat junk and don’t miss your workouts. – ChickenTuna.
Just A Couple More…. icon wink Fitness Female Models Vs. Runway Supermodels – C’mon, I’m saving lives here!
jamie eason 2 199x300 Fitness Female Models Vs. Runway Supermodelsjamie eason 3 199x300 Fitness Female Models Vs. Runway Supermodels
There you have it, fitness female models vs. runway models. Who do you think is the ‘REAL Super Model”. I know who wins my vote.14k White Gold 6mm Comfort Fit Men's Wedding Band
Also, I’ve got to note that I really respect what Dove is doing with there ‘Dove Campaign For Real Beauty‘. I think it’s important that we teach our new generation of girls what real beauty is and not allow them to by into the false crap the media feeds us. Just check out the videos below. They’re awesome. I’ve got a little sister and I hope to God she stays on the right track, knows she’s beautiful and doesn’t buy into any of the garbage in the magazines or on MTV (Stop watching that crap! You’re beautiful and I love you Nicole. – love your big bro)

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