Tuesday, July 12, 2011

simple tips that must be known to the user or Blackberry users!

Foto Gambar TIPS Sederhana User Handphone Blackberry Wajib Tahu Dasar Pengetahuan Pengguna Image Ponsel BB Picture
BlackBerry 8520 Unlocked Phone with 2 MP Camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi--International Version with No Warranty (Black)BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unlocked GSM + CDMA Cell Phone with 3.15 MP Camera (Black)- FACTORY-REFURBISHEDThis is the simple tips that must be known to the user or users of the Blackberry!
Should this article I am sharing the best friends all read the post about tips to buy a BlackBerry phone and a great way to avoid secondhand blackberry raids illegal. But better late than never yes.

Currently BB Blackberry phone users in Indonesia has reached half a million people and will increasingly continue to grow. Predicted in 2011 user blackverry Indonesia will be the largest in the world when you see the changes.
However I'm sure not all BB users find simple tips Blackberry basic skills that must be known following. Or there is still clueless about computers do not yet know how to change blackberry email icon? So read up thoroughly ya:)
5 Important Tips Basic nan BlackBerry User
Although the BlackBerry has a wide array of advanced capabilities, users also need to know the basic capabilities of this smart phone. Like how to tell if your BB is locked or not by the operator, and how to make a tidy inbox. Check out the tips.
1. Knowing the PIN, IMEI, OS version, FreeMem.Click: Options - Status, or press and hold 'ALT-Caps/aA-H' simultaneously.
2. Knowing whether BB 'locked' or 'unlocked'.Click: Options - Advanced Options - Sim Card - write / type 'MEPD'.-. If BB 'unlocked' it will display the status line: 'Disabled'.
3. Knowing the BB hit 'IT Policy' or not?Click: Options - Status - write / type 'BUYR'
- If the BB was installed IT-Policy/BES, the note 'IT Policy enabled'.- If there is no IT Policy, the emerging 'data usage' and 'voice usage' with the usage figures - BB really able to check his new / used. If only once, the score should be zero / zero all.
4. Create SMS and email in separate folders.- Click; Messages' - BBMenu - Options - General Options- Search for 'SMS and Email Inboxes': Separate.
5. Creating Inbox neat and nice views.- Click 'Messages' - BBMenu - Options - General Options- In line 3, 'Display Order' click and select 'Name, Subject'- In line 4, 'Display Message Header On' click and select '2 lines'- In line 10, 'Separators' click and select 'Stripes'- Bottom line, 'Keep Messages' select '15 days' in order not to meet the inbox or memory. (Detikinet.com)

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