Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Many women are troubled with body shape

Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling IronMany women are troubled with body shape, not to mention her breasts. You do not question the size, but why yes, its shape does not like women's breasts in general? Why areolanya looks very dark? Or, why do feel like there are lumps in it?

To answer your curiosity, please refer to general things to worry about the women around her breasts.
Breast size does not equal left and rightBreast size basically is not exactly the same so that only we alone can see the difference. However, according to Christiane Northrup, author Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, there are some women who are very clear differences in the size of her breasts visible while she fully dressed. You can improve your appearance by wearing a bra for extra foam in a smaller sized breasts.
However, if you want a more permanent solution, can choose breast surgery. "You can reduce the larger breast size, or install a breast implant in the smaller, or a combination of both," said Andrew Da Lio, associate professor of plastic surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.
Breast sudden itch, can not stand not cardedThermal Spa 49135 Professional U/V Gel Light Nail DryerYou must have experienced this event. Being serious in a meeting, suddenly there was intense itching on breast nipple. Putting the itch is usually caused by irritation from the material on the bra, allergies, eczema, or fungal infection. Brush the breasts with lotion after bathing to make your skin more moist, thereby reducing the dryness that causes itching. Then, choose a bra made from a fine fiber and absorbs sweat. If the breast looks red and scaly patches, chances are you have a yeast infection. Apply antifungal cream to overcome them. But if the scaling of the nipple is not too lost, this may indicate a form of breast cancer. Try to consult with a physician.
Still young, but the breast has gone downIncreasing age does make the breast to be down, so do not expect breasts always look like breasts poking girls. However, if your age is still young and your breasts have gone down, probably because you have more fat in the breast tissue than breast glands that help keep kekencangannya. Alternatively, the ligaments that support the breast tissue may be inelastic. Another common cause is breast feeding, decreased body weight, or exercising without a bra specifically for sports.
Breast down also is common. To improve your appearance, wear a good sports bra (if you exercise), a bra with straps that can be arranged a long-short, or wear a push-up bra.
Breast shape like a coneHave you noticed any breast that looks the same? Surely not. Different breast shapes, such as female body shape as well with each other. There's nothing you can do to change its shape permanently. At best, you could use a bra that improve your appearance.
"A bra with foam that lifts breast forms or create cleavage could cover any issue that makes you uncomfortable with the breast," said Susan Nethero, author Bra Talk. For a cone-shaped bra, overcome by selecting a molded bra that can make your breasts look more rounded.
Looks wide dark areolaAs well as breast shape, appearance can vary. Including the areola, or dark-colored circle that surrounds the nipple. Its size can be small or large, color can be pink, red, brown or almost black. The darker your skin, the darker too areolanya.
Hormones during pregnancy can also alter the areola become darker, and the color will last until you give birth. Not to worry with this. Moreover, if the husband actually consider it sexy.
Breasts feel lumpy, so a bit of pain when touchedThis naturally happened. It would be even more evident just before menstruation, especially if you have fibrocystic breast disease (a condition that is triggered by hormonal changes that cause breast swelling, tender, and pain), according to Miriam Greene, MD, assistant professor of content and obstetrics at NYU School of Medicine .
Caffeine and salt are to retain fluid, so try to reduce their consumption before menses to help reduce swelling. However, if the clot was in the same area and did not disappear after your period, you should visit your doctor to determine the cause.
There is a "stretch marks" on the breastWhite streaks or unusual redness in the breast while you are pregnant or weight gain.How many of you have stretch marks depend on the elasticity of the breast and genetic factors. You could try using a cream Retin-A (vitamin A) every day to help reduce redness in the new grooves. However, stretch marks usually will not go away. It's just that, over time the color will be closer to your skin color really.[Compass female]

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