Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Sexy Shauna Sand Nasty Halloween

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Once again Shauna Sand shows us how nasty she is.Here she is shopping for pumpkins for their annual Halloween tidings,you would probably think that this is just another day at the pumpkin patch.But,you should be aware that this woman is one of slutty chicks who is walking around in stripper heels and doing all those nasty things you want to see from the girls.She is just straight up trash, I kinda like it,but it’s just too bad that her face is so rotten.However,enjoy in theese Shauna Sand hot gallery.

Here is one of the biggest piece of Hollywood trash Shauna Sand hanging out in her little bikini at the beach with her boyfriend in Miami.Actually, the bikini is probably just your standard issue bikini size, but her fake boobs are so big that they make it look so small.As much as annoys me this useless whore I must admin that she has great body except her flat assGarmin nüvi 255 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator (Factory Refurbished) and as long as her big fake boobs splashing around in the ocean she will be on my site.Enjoy
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Here is slutty Shauna Sand doing what she does best except to recording sex tape,sun on the beach in a little bikini with her girls and new young boy-toy.I have to specify that she used to be every day with other douche because that’s the only thing she seems to be somewhat famous for, that and her natural good looks of course. How is this woman not a stripper? In any case, I like skinny chicks in bikinis with massive fake tits and sunglasses that cover up their true age so I’m posting them anyway. Enjoy.Brand New Real Time Mini GMS/GPS/GPRS Car TrackerEscort Entourage PS Kit-0019 GPS Vehicle Tracker (Black)

Yesterday I posted Shauna Sand bikini pictures and this is a continuation of the story of two busty blonde in their bikinis,including Shauna Sand topless pictures…This looks like a car crash.They must be working together to come up with a new Sex Tape!!!
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Here are more Shauna Sand bikini pictures.I don’t normally like to post pictures of Shauna Sand because I can not stand her…But fake blond hair, big fake boobs and a tiny little body are three of my favorites — so when she brought along her even sluttier looking friend for a day at the beach in their bikinis I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Besides, she’s wearing giant sunglasses that cover up her busted old face so who really gives a crap. Enjoy.
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Has this chick ever done anything other then hang out at the beach in a bikini or done a sex tape?!Here is Shauna Sand in her little bikini on the beach with some douche.Fortunately on each picture has glasses so that you can not see her rotten face…I hate Shauna Sand and her cheap plastic surgery,all I like on her are big fake boobs.
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Here is Shauna Sand present an award during the 27th annual Adult Video News Awards Show with Kelli McCarty and Erik Everhard…I was a fan of  Shauna Sand original playboy pictorial,but now she’s just a nasty, sad, plastic and too bad.I think the porn industry is suffering, due to all the tube sites and there’s minimal work for actresses, so they end up escorting. Anyway, I’m a little bitter but porn chicks aren’t what they used to be. Most of these girls look like circus freaks.
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