Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here's how to buy tickets or railway train onlinevia message atm and tips railway ticket booking reservations online Lebaran

15 CT ROUND DIAMOND TENNIS BRACELET - VS1/2Here's how to buy tickets or railway train onlinevia message atm and tips railway ticket booking reservations online Lebaran. If you do not know the official price of train tickets Eid, please read the previous post yes. Government Info, prices will rise or train widths tuslah experience, although the presentation of this year almost the same as last year. I am sure the bus and plane tickets ships will also increase..
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I can only suggest that you start from now to decide what path to be followed when returning home later, whether overland by bus or bus, air lines by plane or by sea on a ship.
Should do an online ticket reservations as early as possible and do not wait for D-day H-1 H-3 H-7 and H H +1 +7 because it was feared Lebaran tickets are sold out. Forced to read the article about SEO Blog For tips on purchasing tickets to homecoming-widths are not mistaken for brokers:)

Who do not know how to buy tickets and book online through atm, please read.
1. Press 13 897 (via GSM) or 021-235070002. The message is the ticket to the operator (H-30 to serve the H-1 before departure)3. Serve a maximum per transaction ordering 4 (four) seats for the same train at a time4. The operator will ask:a. Name and address of the prospective passengers (based on ID / Driving License / Identification Card)b. Name and class of ordered KAc. Date and time of departure KAd. Origin and destination stationse. Number of passengers5. Once the reservation is completed, passengers will receive an SMS containing the information ticket is booked with the code train bookings and the number of transactions that must be paid to the bank.6. Consumers pay a transaction into an electronic ticket reservation channel corresponding reservation code or ATM Bank.7. Payment period is 3 hours from the time the order when passing from 3 hours then the system will automatically assume the transaction is canceled.8. After payment to the bank is completed, the data automatically sent to PT KA and KA ordered tickets can be printed.9. Consumers can pick up tickets at the counter train station by hand:The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (Extended Edition + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]a. ATM receipt, if the payment via ATMb. Ordering code (for Internet Banking, SMS Banking and Phone Banking), all accompanied by copy of ID / Identity Card

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