Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flares in Black

I have made myself a new pair of jeans!
They are of black, stretchy corduroy with black cotton for the pocket lining and the waistband lining, and are very near perfect; if I say so myself ;)  It seems my lifetime is spent on the quest for the perfect pair of jeans, the design details of which change with passing fashions and fads that temporarily sway my choices.  My current passion is for flares, and I think I have managed to nail them here.  I'm super happy with my plum flares, both in terms of fit and comfort... and only had the teensiest tiniest twinge of regret that I didn't flare the ankles out just that tad further, to make a really truly flared pair of jeans.  Not enough regret for me to be in any way disappointed with those jeans, but just a little factoid I stored away for a future pair ... like a note to self; flare out just that leeetle bit more next time.  So I did, and here they are!
This time, I graduated the lower leg section; from a fitted-to-the-pattern knee and then out to the ankle by about 6-7cm on each side seam overall.  I did my usual centre back pinch-in for a sway back adjustment (illustrated here).  The only other alteration to the pattern was to add a zip placket; an absolute essential feature in any pair of jeans which is inexplicably absent from this pattern.
With great difficulty!, I took a picture of my own behind to show the pocket details... which is the same but mirror image on each pocket, natch.    This time I went with two varying width zigzag lines crossing each other, and two concentric part-circles.  The outer of these was drawn using a jar-lid, the inner is just carefully sewn in a sewing-foot width away.  Easy peasy. 
And it seems fitting that I should welcome a newbie pair of jeans into the fold, just as I am bidding adieu to two old pairs *; welcome, new flares in black, and may you prove as useful and wonderful as my old pair of black straight-legs.

Jeans; Burda 7863 with minor modifications, black stretch corduroy
Top; Ezibuy
Cardigan; Country Road
Gloves; from David Jones **
Black scarf; handknit by me, details here
Khaki scarf;  made by me from an old Tshirt, details here
Shoes; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes

* I have said goodbye to these (I agonised at unnecessary length about the deterioration of these last month...and have finally, sadly, laid them in the Salvoes basket...) and these straight-legs, in which the zip has gone.

**The gloves... It was flipping freezing this morning; 3C!  Although we had hit our high of 16C when I took these photos I left my gloves on because I thought they added a certain something to my outfit, a sorta chic that was lacking without them...  And I was pretty stunned to see a guy in shorts and a singlet sunning himself on the beach during our walk today!  Decided he must have been a British tourist...  ;)  
It's OK, I'm allowed to joke about the British since I have British blood in me too!   :)

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