Sunday, July 10, 2011

A few more memories

Here are two more of the little outfits that I made for my children when they were little, along with some other cute outfits made by loving grandmothers...
The shorts and shirt set Tim is wearing here I made from two different blue print cottons; one striped and one spotted and with red contrasting cotton sections as well.  The little dress and matching bloomers that Cassie is wearing was made by my mother, and I made my own shirt and shorts I am wearing here (first seen here)
In this second picture, Cassie is wearing a little dress I made for her, of two different floral fabrics.  The skirt had sections of both floral fabrics, and the bodice was of one, and the sleeves, collar and button band were of the second fabric.  The shorts, and the screen-printed and appliqued Christmas snowman Tshirt that Tim is wearing here were made by Craig's mother.  (yes, dressmaking for oneself and one's family runs very deep in both our families!)
There is a kind of funny story behind the second picture.... Craig had brought home from work a couple of big bags of shredded paper, for me to play paper mache with the children one day.  Before that day could come, they discovered it in the wardrobe and I walked in to this exact scene, shredded paper all over my children, all over the carpet, and in fact all over every available surface in the room!  Of course, I couldn't be cross because they were having so much fun, and were so happy and giggly I had to laugh too, and raced to get the camera.  Hilarious!  After they had extracted maximum fun from the shredded paper in that state, it took me about forty solid minutes to tidy up and vacuum the room afterward, all those tiny crinkly little miniature shreds stuck in the carpet!, but it was worth it as so much fun had been had.  Not the paper mache fun that I had originally planned, but a different but equally good kind of fun!

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