Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Black straight-leg jeans; a post mortem, and 6 different ways

So, I mentioned yesterday that my year-old black straight-legs had bitten the dust, but I hadn't gone into much detail and I thought it would be helpful to any others starting out with their own pair of jeans to list here the two reasons I think they had died so quickly.
Now I've made six pairs of things I would call "jeans", and these black straight-legs were only my second attempt so I did make a few rookie mistakes which are now glaringly obvious to me now, but at the time I just didn't see... so while I am definitely no expert, it is true that we are all learning with each new garment so if this aids anyone at all, then fabulous...
First mistake; the fabric I chose just wasn't suitable for the pattern.  I know, sounds glaringly obvious now doesn't it?  But at the time I had firmly decided I wanted black denim jeans, so as soon as I found some black denim that had a small amount of stretch in it I just bought it.  However, I didn't put nearly enough thought into it really; and my fabric really was both too thick and not stretchy enough for what is a very close-fitting jeans pattern.  Result, the jeans fitted like a stiff, tight glove, which was fine as long as I was standing and walking about, or sitting demurely upright in a chair.  Luckily, 90% of my day is spent in one of these ways.  If however, I wanted to curl up on the couch in the evening, which is also a part of my day, the jeans were pretty uncomfortable!
Second mistake; I used a dress zip, instead of a jeans zip. 
(at left, a dress zip in jeans, bad idea; at right; a jeans zip, now we're talking!)
 Another glaringly obvious mistake now, right?  But a person setting out to make their first pair of jeans might, like me, just blithely buy and insert a dress zip like usual.  Be warned; all will be fine for a year or so, then the combination of that thick, strong, non-stretchy fabric and a weak little zip, means that during one of those curling-up-on-the-couch times, something is gonna give.  In the case of these jeans it was the zip...
Lesson learned!
However, while I was a bit sad, I now have my new black flares to comfort me... and I did get an enormous amount of wear out of the black straight-legs jeans.  I went back to check through my own photos to see how many pictures I took... it turned out only seven!  However, you have to believe me, these jeans were worn a tonne during last winter...  I guess I just don't take my own photo nearly as often as I thought!  100% of the time I wore them with my biker boots, and it is interesting to me to see that in all of these photos bar one (and upon reflection, all the other times I wore them too) I tended to either mostly match the black, or to stick with a predominantly neutral palette.  I'm not a believer that black "goes with everything".  In fact, I view black to be as much of a prima donna colour as white is, and needs to be treated accordingly with respect.

Which winter-y outfit here would you pick as your favourite?

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