Thursday, June 16, 2011

A triple fashion crime

Not that long ago double denim was a fashion crime.  No one but no one, dared to put a denim top with a denim bottom.  Then last year it suddenly became a little bit cool, one saw it on a few cool kids here and there.  Albeit the shapes and colours were a little different.  The denim jeans were either wide-leg, flared or skinny; not straight, a silhouette which seems firmly stuck in the daggy category.  And denim or chambray tops of all shades of almost-faded-to-white through to full-indigo started being a cool option to pop on the top, and with the denim bottoms!!  It was like, whoa! hold the phone! what's going on?!   Has no one noticed the double denim happening here??!!
As it turned out, all hell didn't break loose, and the earth didn't stop in its tracks.  Life went on.
The double denim didn't look so hideous as it had in our bad old 80's memories.  It actually looked kind of fresh and interesting.  I liked it.
So it seems double denim is actually OK again...
So today I gave it a whirl.  Yeeks!  But for good measure I didn't just go with the double denim, a half-baked option if I ever saw one, no? but pulled out the stops and went for the triple denim!  
Just waiting for the fashion police to call, now...

Dress; Vogue 1152 with modifications, chambray, details and my review of this pattern here
Shirt; Burda 7767 with modifications, chambray, details here
Tights; self-drafted, made of denim-lookalike stretchy knit fabric, details here, and my tute for drafting your own custom-fit tights
Shoes; Francesco Morichetti from Zomp shoes

(the mini-challenge for Me-Made June for today is to pose with a loved one.  I have my usual loved-one, since my other loved ones are busy.  But look below, is that not the look of love?)

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