Monday, June 6, 2011

The Renegades Walking for Diabetes

Manny and Paul with wolf pups June, 2011. Below video: Paul in 1978 Long Walk.

Carl, Manny and Paul 2011
The Renegades Walking for Diabetes 2011
Carl, Manny and Paul with wolf pups.
They call themselves, "The Renegades, Walkers for Diabetes." (Photo 4) Standing: Manny Jim Calapoo, Warm Springs Shoshone/Paiute/Yakama; Carl Bad Bear Sampson, Western Shoshone, and Paul Owns the Sabre, Cheyenne River Lakota elder, photographed at a wolf sanctuary near Brookville, Indiana. They are walking 500 miles to DC.
The video is Paul Owns the Sabre, followed by John Redhouse, on the original 1978 Longest Walk! Paul was on the Longest Walk 1978, Longest Walk 2 in 2008 and many other walks.
Reach the Renegades Walkers for Diabetes, at Manny's cell 605-848-0508.
Censored News supports all the walkers on all the routes, long walkers, water walkers and migrant trail walkers for life.
Thanks to Manny and Carl, and Carl's father, for sending cellphone photos to Censored News!
UPDATE June 6, 2011: Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson, near Columbus, Ohio on June 6, remembered the good people and places on this journey. "Traditional ways and ceremonies can only move forward in life, and never back," he said in a message to his friends.
Paul Owns the Sabre called and said he was stepping aside and letting the young ones lead for the rest of the way. He will be in New York until the end of the walk, and if Creator wills, will meet the group in DC. He said his time being with the wolves was a good send off. But he will step aside now and let the others finish up, carrying the staff to DC. "You should have heard those wolves howling at night, all 30 or 40 of them, that was something!" Paul said.

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