Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glamorous footwear is highly over-rated

Me-Made June; Day 12
Love ma uggies.  I could say that slipping on my ugg boots is like slipping a pair of comfy old slippers... except that's exactly what they are.  So, of course it is, hehe.
So, in the interests of reality in footwear; these rip-toed, beaten-up old uggs really are what my feet wearing for, like, 95% of my day, with the tiny exception of walking the dog, which we are doing right here, and for which I actually had on little sandshoes.  That's the reality.  But, to get "reality" I toted my ugg boots along to the park to change into just for this photo.  Ha!  Oh the irony...
Because the other reality is that I never ever wear these out in public.  Well, really, just look at them.  One has a big hole in the toe, which has been mended and re-ripped.  Mum would be horrified just looking at this photo...  But I can't ever get rid of them.  I suffer from this hopelessly sentimental attachment to them.  But maybe I should patch up that hole again... give the old dears a bit more dignity?

T-shirt; self-drafted. leopard print jersey wool-mix, details here
Pants; Burda 7863, khaki stretch gabardine, details and my review of this pattern here
Hoodie; KwikSew 3667, pale grey marle fleece, details here
Socks; barely just seen through the rip in the toe there, but still handknit by me, details here
Uggs; had forever 

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