Friday, June 24, 2011

Frazzled, or what?

Me, that is.  
We have been planning our eldest son's 21st birthday party, and the big event was last night.  He took the modern step of sending out initial invitations via Facebook which, me being a Facebook ignoramus and having heard stories like this, sent a few chills down my spine.  Tim assured me there were safe and locked ways of doing this... but still.  I've been stressing out about it all week.  Not just the invites, but ... everything.  The food, the booze, the music, the glassware, the guests, the weather... everything.  At 6.30pm last night, with the guests due to arrive in an hour, there was a massive stormy downpour, including hail, and Perth received 30mm of rain in a half hour burst.  The papers this morning called it a one-in-every-10-years event.  You can imagine how we felt...
Thankfully the storm blew over, and all went extremely well and there was no antisocial behaviour, no gate-crashers, and no horrible kids.  Everyone seemed to have fun, even us olds!  I think my favourite part was the slideshow we had put together of Tim's life, all the photos of him we could lay our hands on... scrolling randomly through his life.  Pictures of him as a baby, as a toddler, as a little boy on his first day of school, winning a tennis trophy, receiving certificates at school assemblies, graduating.  Holiday snaps.  Birthday parties, with all the birthday cakes, Christmas Day's, and all the special photos of all our family.
A very special evening...
...and it only took about three hours to clean up.  I'm thinking das ist gut.
On a sartorial point, I wore this outfit for the party, thus keeping in with my Me-Made June pledge.  Not that I actually have much choice in the non me-made department any more.  But just saying...  I did.
And above is today's effort.
Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend, I'm off to have a cuppa and relax!

Shirt; my own design from several patterns, black cotton, details here
Skirt; self-drafted, charcoal jersey knit, details here
Hooded cardigan; self-drafted and handknit by me, Jo Sharp Silk Road DK Tweed in Ambrosia, details here
Scarf; made by me from an old Tshirt, details here
Tights; photo too gloomy to see, but they are charcoal, and textured, Metalicus
Shoes; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes

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