Monday, June 20, 2011

A Chanel-style jacket

Going through my winter clothes yesterday I came across a few numbers that I hadn't posted here yet.  Including this jacket.  It's really beyond me why I haven't photographed and written about this before since I was, and am very proud of it.  I think it falls into that sad category of being too good to wear.  You know, very expensive fabric, poured my heart 'n soul into making it and all...  adds up to "too scared to wear it in case something terrible happens to it".  I know, tosh right?  One should wear one's clothes.  I do believe that, even if I sometimes have trouble practising what I preach...
I made it about ... oh, three or four years ago?  (not sure now  :D ) Mum and I had been to Melbourne together and visited a few fabric stores including Astratex, and I bought this beautiful pure wool woven fabric, knowing I wanted to make a Chanel style jacket out of it.  I also bought the fabric for this skirt from the same place, yes it is a store packed with truly lovely and luxurious, if pricey fabrics.  Fabrics for garments you want to last a lifetime...
I used Vogue 7975, view C, although without the pockets.  I had bought plenty of the fabric, but once I had lined up and matched up those distinctive woolly lines in the weave to cut out my pieces there wasn't even enough left for pockets!  And besides, the fabric is bulky, and furthermore the look of it is so busy and intense with the woven details I really decided pockets would be overkill for this jacket.
It is lined with a very thin and floaty grey silk, mostly hand-stitched in place, and all edges finished with a rather Renaissance, wide and intricately twisted, black braid from Fabulous Fabrics.  This is entirely hand-stitched in place and mitred around each corner.  There is no jacket closure.
It is a lush jacket, is it not?  The fabric is veeery over-the-top and extravagant, a more luxurious look than I am used to wearing much.  The year I first made it I was wearing it with jeans to tone down the whole opulence of it, but for today to show it off for the first time here I wanted to dress it up just a leettle bit more.  But still with the plainest of garments; a white shirt and my black Karl Lagerfeld skirt.  Since he is the creative designer of Chanel it seemed fitting, n'est ce pas?
And, when I joined Burdastyle I kinda half-vowed to myself I wouldn't post my old projects there.  But I am so newly chuffed with this one I think I might just break my own rule, just this once.... :)

Jacket; Vogue 7975 view C, thickly spun and woven pure wool, lined with silk and edged with braid
Shirt; Burda 8497, white cotton, details here
Skirt; Burdastyle magazine 10/2010, 136 with modifications, of black suiting, details and my review of this pattern here
Tights; Kolotex
Shoes; Django and Juliette, from Zomp shoes

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