Wednesday, May 18, 2011

White Shirt Day

Showing my support for this inaugural initiative by the Ovarian Cancer Research Campaign.  Wear a white shirt as a silent but visual show of support for women and their families affected.
Happily with my tastes, it's pretty easy for me to lay a hand on a white shirt in my wardrobe...
Which brings me to Barbara's White Shirt Challenge I started last year.  The brief was to make ten white shirts.  Well, not strictly ten, but just however many you wanted, exploring new and different patterns and techniques.  White shirts are dear to my heart, so I leapt on the bandwagon immediatemente.
So today I am wearing my second white shirt in the series, perhaps the only really "proper" white shirt I've made for this challenge so far?!  Thankfully Barbara created the challenge to be a flexible one, open to interpretation by the participants themselves.  Allowing one to go with few ivory and cream options also, which made it good for me with my colouring.  Pure white can be quite harsh on most women, just a lucky few being able to rock it gooood.  And I decided to allow myself to include tops and jackets as well.  This could be considered cheating, but I am still going to go there, why?  Because when I think "shirts" the classic button-up shirt is what springs immediately to mind, but I do not want to limit myself so severely in style as this.  Because I want to make and wear tops and jackets that are white too.  I wanted to consider my challenge to be more of a general exploration of white-ish or light-ish things that are worn on the torso or top half of the body.  So it seemed logical and OK for me to include these. But I also get that my version as stated there is a very inelegant and unwieldy name to have to fit onto a button....  so yeah.  Just "shirts" will have to suffice.
Anyhoo, I thought today an appropriate day to provide a quick summary of my progress in this challenge.  So far I have completed six white or white-ish, shirts or shirt-ish type things, displayed below.

And onto new sewing stuff; because we all love a challenge, I am also participating in Joy's Bellbottom challenge.  See the adorable button at right?  Happily this is also one fitting in with my current plans for my winter wardrobe; a few pairs of jeans are always a necessary annual addition, and I've been quite inspired by one or two examples I've seen in blogland lately...  stay tuned.  At least I'm only making one of these...hehe.

Top; Burda 8497, white cotton
Pants; Burda 7944, gunmental linen, to see these pants styled in 6 different ways, go here
Shoes; Country Road

the White "Shirt" gallery so far...
below left; top"a" from Unique Clothes Any Way You Like, by Natsuno Hiraiwa: below right; Burda 8497

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