Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Turquoise pencil skirt; 6 different ways

These posts are a guilty pleasure to me; it's such fun to play around in my own closet and dream up a whole lot of new ways in which I could possibly wear an old favourite to suit a variety of situations... for this one I chose my turquoise pencil skirt, made from a real oldie pattern from the late seventies, Vogue 1023.  So old that my mother originally bought this pattern to make my concert band performance skirt, for when I was in high school, lol!  I can't believe I'm even owning up to that here... what's that old saying about, if you remember it the first time around then you're too old for it the second time around, or some such rubbish?  Obviously I'm ignoring that advice.  And anyway, Mum made the ankle-length version for me back then...
I made this version of the skirt about eighteen months ago now, details are here, as part of my then plan to inject Colour! into my wardrobe and life.  The colour has proved a slight challenge sometimes to this diehard neutral lover, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it turn out very useful, and worked really well with lights and light neutrals, and also with brights.  Not so good with darks and drabs, but meh... still been a great cheerful little skirt to have in a fab colour.
So here we go...
At left, on a summery day, going casual and primary-colourful; and more business-like at right, being a demure little pencil skirt it can suitably and happily go to the office worn with a tucked-in buttoned-up striped shirt
At left; contrasting that turquoise with its colour wheel opposite, apricot and orange; and at right, a more monotonal look
When the weather turns a bit colder the bold colour stands up to a bit of sharp contrast... at left, I am currently loving the slightly strange juxtaposition of blood red and turquoise; and at right, the turquoise manages to transform to beautifully winter-y when worn with winter white and strong chocolate brown accessories.
What am I wearing today?  Well, the richness of ruby red combined with the jolt of turquoise just above is such an unexpected and therefore striking colour combination; I just love it!  This is the outfit I am wearing today.  And although you probably can't see it in the photo, my toenails exactly match my skirt.  This minor detail pleases me...!  
Which look here is your preference?

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