Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A navy corduroy jacket, and a Babar jumper

Today I bring two flashbacks; two, because I don't have very good photos of either one to warrant an individual post, and because I am trying to whizz through these old projects a little faster than I have been up until now... These items are both things I made for Tim when he was about two.
The first is a little navy blue corduroy biker-styled jacket that zipped up the front (biker-styled... for a two year old, lol!), which I toddler-ised by using contrasting red for the collar and trimmings, the pattern from a Topkids magazine.  Even though Tim wore it a lot, this is the best photo I have of it...
And the second is a little jumper that I knitted using a pattern from a Women's Weekly magazine.  Babar is embroidered on the front over the knitting stitches.  He wore this a lot... and I have heaps of photos of him wearing this, but these are the only ones even vaguely showing off that embroidery!  The lower picture, taken at Lake Mountain in Victoria, is the first time these sandgropers had ever ever seen snow in our lives!  We made a little snowman!
(translation: sandgropers = Western Australians)

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