Monday, May 30, 2011

It was inevitable...

... and was simply a matter of when my self-discipline would falter.  I'm classifying this as a belated Mother's Day present to myself.
Actually, I'm supremely excited about this second instalment in the Pattern Magic series by Tomoko Nakamichi, why? (well apart from the obvious one that the designs are unique, interesting, beautiful and magical!) but also partly because the majority of the projects are shirts.  Something of which I am somewhat short in the handmade department.  And such wondrous sculptural projects, the like of which I have never come across before; exercises on wearing a balloon, wearing a circle, wearing a square and wearing a triangle in one section; not to mention another very enticing section, the "vanishing" features.  Some of which I am giving you a little taster here;
the vanishing tie;
the vanishing scarf;
and the vanishing lapel;
another section deals with cowl experimentation;
I barely know which wonderful design to select first...  and yes, in case you are wondering, I think having the English translation is going to make things a lot easier.  Obviously, for a start one can understand the what-goes-where, which helps.  Additionally though, most of the designs come with a brief note written by the designer, touching on her thoughts and inspirations behind these unique design, and these are a real pleasure to be able to read.  These little snippets are sometimes purely informative, sometimes lyrical, sometimes take an unexpectedly poetic turn-about in a few short words.  Like a haiku.  For example: "I increased the depth of the shadows by rotating the fabric and then flipping it over like the flip turn of swimmers in a pool"
Swimmers flipping in pools; a lovely visual moment with which to finish, yes?  I can't wait to get started...
(all pictures from Pattern Magic 2, by Tomoko Nakamichi)

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