Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cassie's quilt

"Now here's one I made earlier"... I think this is might be the next thing in my chronological documentation of my creations.  And luckily another one that is still used and loved on a daily basis.  I'll have to admit to a bit of necessary repair work before it was anywhere suitable for its photo shoot today!  The second time in its life this quilt has had a major repair and maintenance session.  I'm just glad she obviously loves it so much...
This was made, according to my hand-embroidered signature and date in the corner, in 1993.  Like Tim's quilt before it, it is just based on a very simple design; just same-sized square patches, and is machine pieced and hand-quilted.  Unlike Tim's however, I had learnt at least a teensy bit about quilts by this time and the border treatment is a little better.  This time, I folded the outer border over the edge and under, and slipstitched it in place over the backing, then quilted in the ditch on the back, making a little quilted border of about 2cm width all around on the top side.  Still not the proper or recommended method of finishing quilts, mind you, but since when have I ever cared about properly following recommended methods, anyway?  Yah, I'm such a sewing rebel...
The backing is simply a single sized bed sheet, and yes that rather garish blue colour is far from a perfect choice for the very soft, antique shades of blue, pink and ivory of the topside fabrics, but meh.  The back wasn't very important in my back-then eyes, and sheeting fabric is tough and cheap, also priorities to my back-then self.  Since the back is, unlike the topside, in absolute perfect condition, I guess it turned out to be a good choice.
The part I was most pleased with was the border quilting design (which I designed myself); a little arrangement of quilted hearts and nesting hearts, joined with garland-like rows of quilting stitch.  And I did quite a good job, if I say so myself.  I'm glad I still have things like this around to remind myself of how patient I used to be with regard to my sewing projects.  Seriously, I don't know if I could ever do something like this ever again.
above; all these are the original fabrics...
above; fabrics added later over two major repair sessions ("major" = "now covering nearly a third of the quilt")
below; border quilting design and (retrospective "what-was-I-thinking" moment) backing fabric

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